The Old Bridgewater Historical Society was formed in 1894 with the objective to collect, preserve and publish material relating to the history of the original settlement of Bridgewater, Massachusetts.  Although we are located in West Bridgewater, our focus encompasses the original Bridgewater areas, which are now known as East Bridgewater, West Bridgewater, Brockton (originally North Bridgewater), and Bridgewater itself.

Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the Old Bridgewater Historical Society, Photo by Marian MacDonald


  The following letter was recently received by the Society:   

Dear Friends,

Over the last several months, I've discovered multiple family links to your lovely community.  What a wonderful history-rich area you live in!  In late September, my husband Tom and I stopped by for a rather impromptu visit.  Marlene Howell hosted us at the Keith House where we had the joy of being present among my ancestors.  James and Susanna Keith were my eight great-grands.

Marlene spent so much time with us and answered so many questions.  And this is spite of the fact that her husband was ill.  I send this additional contribution in her honor! 

With all hopes for a good and peaceful year in 2016.

Cindy L.

  Great job, Marlene!