Following is listing of Board members as of April 29th, 2018:

President Shellie Karol-Chik
Vice-President    <open>
Treasurer Katherine Wolfe
Clerk Diane Badger
Director Norma Callahan
Director Howard Hayward
Director Marlene Howell
Director Carlton Hunt
Director James Karol-Chik
Director Lisa Kern
Director Orson Kingsley
Director Mary O'Connell
Director Robert "Bob" Wood



Atty. Benjamin W. Harris      1895-1905 
Mr. Loring Puffer 1905-1907
Atty. Robert O. Harris 1907-1913
Dr. G. E. Dyer 1913-1921
Dr. Charles E. Lovell 1921-1924
Mr. Edward Keith 1924-1926
Atty. Abner Braley 1926-1938
Col. Percival Churchill 1938-1939
Atty. Walter Stephens 1939-1945
Atty. Edmund Nutter 1945-1950
Mr. Laurist W. Reynolds 1950-1957
Dr. Ralph S. Bates 1957-1976
Mr. Robert E. Ashley 1976-1977
Mr. Robert D. Bevis 1977-1980
Mr. Francis J. Beary 1980-1985
Mrs. Diana Lothrop 1985-1989
Mr. James F. Buckley 1989-1990
Mr. Lawrence "Larry" Conant    1990-1995
Mrs. Diana Lothrop 1995-1999
Mrs. Maureen Lynn 1999-2016
Mrs. Shellie Karol-Chik 2016-Present



Old Bridgewater Historical Society was organized on April 19, 1894, and incorporated July 18, 1895.  As a public non-profit, the Society began its incorporation with a Constitution and a set of By-Laws.  On January 21st, 2017, the Constitution was merged into the By-Laws creating only one document known as the By-Laws.  The By-Laws were also extensively updated to reflect the modern needs of the Society.  The revisions made on this date are reflected below.


The By-Laws of the Old Bridgewater Historical Society are as follows: