OHBS Food Drive


Old Bridgewater Historical Society Food Drive

 October 1 - December 16

OBHS believes ingiving back to the community in more ways than just sharing history.  A donation box of non-perishable food items and pet food donations has been out at the Memorial building at 162 Howard Street in West Bridgewater to collect donations from our generous community and event attendees.

All items collected will be distributed among the food pantries in the Old Bridgewater footprint.  Pet food donations will be distributed to local Animal Shelters in the Old Bridgewater footprint.




Autumn Keith

Reverend James Keith Parsonage Open House

Saturday, November 12, 2016, 10:00am - 3:00pm

An Open House at the Keith Parsonage like no other. 

Enjoy demonstrations presented by the OBHS Volunteers as they step back in time to relive chores which would have been performed by Mrs. Keith and her daughters to prepare for the cold winter months. 

Reverend Keith’s Ordinary has been stocked for the history and nostalgia lover in your life.  Offering beautiful prints of the parsonage, local honey and jellies, Keith House mementos, and miscellaneous treasures; there is something for everyone on your gift-giving list.

  Autumn Craft Fair Graphic  1st Annual Old Bridgewater Historical Society

Autumn Craft Fair

Old Bridgewater Historical Society Memorial Building

Sunday November 13 10:00AM – 3:00PM

Featuring creations by the Reverend Keith’s Crafty Coven, local Artisans pedal their wares for the very first OBHS Autumn Craft Fair.  Jewelry, collectables, and one of a kind hand-made items.