Bridgewater (Images of America Series) A pictorial history of the town of Bridgewater, Massachusetts... Product #: 9780738513379 based on 0 reviews Regular price: $22.00 $22.00

Bridgewater (Images of America Series)

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Not long after the Pilgrims came ashore, Bridgewater became the first inland settlement to branch out from the Plymouth Colony, incorporating in 1656.  Its fertile soil and bountiful rivers provided for a rich agricultural community.  As the Industrial Revolution forced farmers into factories, Bridgewater experienced rapid social and economic growth and change.  Iron, shoe, and paper manufacturing flourished, and the railroad brought European immigrants in search of the American Dream.  In Bridgewater, vintage images tell the stories of the Bridgewater Academy, the normal school, the changes in and around the common, the business pursuits of local proprietors, and the spiritual and civic life of Bridgewater residents.

Book Details
Author David R. Moore
Publisher Arcadia Publishing
Publishing Date 2003
Pages 128
Binding Softcover
Height 9.25 inches
Width 6.5 inches
Thickness .25 inches
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