Bridgewater Poll Tax of 1894 A listing of Bridgewater, Massachusetts' male residents over the age of 20 in 1894, with their occup.. Product #: 5800118106695 based on 0 reviews Regular price: $10.00 $10.00

Bridgewater Poll Tax of 1894

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A poll tax, also known as a head tax, is a tax imposed on residents with no regard to their income or property. This poll tax was imposed in 1894, and serves as a census of the males over the age of 20 living in Bridgewater, Mass. For ease of research, the data has been sorted four different ways: by the individual's name, by the street they lived on, by their occupation, and by theirages.

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Book Details
Compiler Robert B. Wood
Publisher Old Bridgewater Historical Society
Publishing Date 2016
Pages 120
Binding Softcover
Height 11 inches
Width 8.5 inches
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