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Thomas Snell, the Emigrant

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Thomas Snell, with his brother, Isachar, came to Weymouth, Massachusetts from Wales in approximately 1661.  He arrived nearly penniless as a stranger in a strange land, but it did not take him long to gain employment as a blacksmith.  Within a short time, he had a blacksmith shop of his own in Bridgewater, Massachusetts.  Quickly realizing the fortune that could be made in trade, Thomas sold his blacksmith shop in favor of a general goods store, and was soon very wealthy.  His solid character, good judgement, and quick wit led to him being a large landownder and establishing a system of currency that was used throughout Plymouth Colony. 


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Author Franklin T. Birdsall, Jr.
Publishing Date 2016
Pages 22
Binding Saddle-stitched paperback
Height 11 inches
Width 8.5 inches
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