Voices of King Philip's War A narration of the Algonquian nation during the King Philip's War... Product #: 9781625490032 based on 0 reviews Regular price: $10.00 $10.00

Voices of King Philip's War

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While the story of the Great Plains Indians has been well-documented, the history of the Woodland cultures of New England has been largely ignoried.  The Algonquian nations of the cast were effectively annihilated before the dominant European culture cared to record the intellectual and emotional experience of the people they displaced.  In Voices of King Philip's War, Faye George allows these strong Native American personalities to passionately speak their roles in the tragic drama of that war.

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Book Details
Author Faye George
Publisher WorldTech Editions
Publishing Date 2013
Pages 114
Height 9 inches
Width 6 inches
Thickness .25 inches
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